If you noticed the past weeks the speed of the server went down a bit, which was bugging me a lot. I am running Plesk 10 here and it is really annoying at times. Plesk is using its own system for everything and ofc it changes from version to version, which means it is often more luck than anything if you get things running right away. But I dared anyhow!

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This Server was set up in 2007 on SuSE 10.1 & Plesk 8.1, but meanwhile SuSE 10.1 reached end of life cycle and is no logner being supported. It got increasingly tedious to keep up to date with current security patches. The main reason for delaying an upgrade was that SuSE isn’t very good to upgrade form each build to the next and this server runs several productive realms and databases.

Nevertheless I had been looking around for a decent new Operating System and decided to go for CentOS as it is very friendly towards upgrades.

Anyway here is how I did it.

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