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Adding Adsense to an Artisteer 2.5 generated Theme

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As stated previously about adding a “share this” button to your artisteer geenerated post, it became more difficult to do that due to the modular way artisteer works now. Generally I had the idea, to show an add ad the front of a post/page/list and if there were comments another small link ad before the comment form or after the …

How to add a “share this” button to Artisteer 2.5 Theme

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The latest Artisteer 2.5 included a big change in the file structure. Everything seems a bit more complicated now, but it is still easy to apply customization changes. While I am not the biggest fan of all these new social networking sites this may be different for visitors to this site and I decided to add a “share this” button …

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Improved Performance, basics

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For a couple of months I have been moody about this site’s performance. This server serves only a couple of domains and this is by far the most visited of them – yes, really 😀 This server is a vServer from a mass hoster running on ancient hardware shared with other people and I assumed it was one reason aside …